A Promenade Productions, LLC and The COPO Organization Production. Directed by Rajan Gangahar.      Written by Ron Basci. From a story by Farooq Muhammad, Ahmad Ali Razvi and Ron Basci.  Lukasz Pruchnik, Director of Photography.  Starring: Christopher Thompson, Rebecca Lovett, Aaron Sha’d Young, Samantha Merrick, Ransel Sangster, Gus Weinstein, Alex Eckstorm, Tara Maldonado, Arshad Bacha and Maria Marrakchi.   Executive Producer: Ron Basci   Producer: Mohammad Razvi


I can be a lonely place

A quiet shell of no regard

Within erupt the swirls of fear

Past failure     Future dread


Hundreds of thousands of professionals as well as everyday people suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) yet only a small percentage of those with symptoms ever seek assistance. We have created this fictional dramatic short film to remind all that families and loved ones suffer too and to demonstrate that there is no shame in accepting assistance. Many who have served in the armed forces, in the medical professions, in law enforcement, firefighters, EMTS, or anyone who has experienced a sudden life changing event will learn that there is hope and help. It is our firm belief that this film will be for many a shining light on the path to the future.


The film follows the story of Sam, an heroic EMT veteran beset by inner turmoil. Sam exhibits symptoms of PTSD as it starts to affect his household, employment and his mental state. Haunted by an incident involving a young child, Sam's deepening depression manifests in his drinking, anti-social behavior, irritability with co-workers and the growing distance from his wife. Machismo prevents him from acting on his condition until a directive from his boss sends an unwilling Sam to a therapy session. Sam's courage in finally facing his inner fears illustrates the possibility of a new and more positive future.



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        Spring Series:

        New Filmmakers NY  

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        Brightside Film Festival, Saturday, August 8th

        at the Brightside Tavern

        141 Bright Street, Jersey City, NJ      Time TBD                              

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We believe that this short narrative film can make a positive difference in the lives of first responders and their families. Should you wish to schedule a screening for your organization,

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    Eloquently and Sensitively Explores the Challenging Lives of First Responders

                                          -   Rev. Paul Sladkus, Founder, Good News Planet TV

   Packed with Emotion and Drama

                                           -  Indian Panorama

    A Riveting Tale of PTSD in an EMS Worker.   

                                            - Reena Rathore, India-West  


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